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The ELHO RotorCutter for effective forage/straw distribution and shredding


The RotorCutter makes the use of silage bales efficient, as forage can be distributed on the feeding table and the work can be easily carried out with one tractor. The RotorCutter is also useful when shredding and spreading straw bales. The machine spread the straw even in deep boxes. This machine has many uses, and plenty of additional equipment is available for various working conditions and needs.

The ELHO RotorCutter is especially designed for shredding straw and forage bales. The length of the chaff can be adjusted. Forage and straw can be spread in both directions, both right and left. The strong loading fork makes the work easier and faster. 

If you wish to turn your RotorCutter into a trailed model, a wheel and drawbar set is available as additional equipment along with many more useful accessories.


The RotorCutter is a durable and affordable option for forage and straw distribution.


ELHO RotorCutter:
  • Simple structure, self-loading and reliable 
  • Fast
  • Low maintenance costs, low maintenance needs (small number of parts subject to wear)
  • Discharge to both left and right side
  • Effective straw shredder 
  • Short cutting length