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The ELHO CrossCut shredder/feeder is easy and enjoyable to use


In the CrossCut A model, all the functions can be controlled from the tractor cabin with an easy-to-use control unit. The control unit includes a micro joystick to control the discharge chute.

Thanks to the speed sensor and proportional valve technology, control of the supply is fast and accurate.  The gearbox has two speed gear and an integrated over running clutch to ensure that the flywheel spins after the shredder rotor has stopped. This reduces the risk of blocking the chute. The large shredder rotor and smooth material supply ensure excellent results. The machines powerful flywheel directs the cut material to the discharge chute. The chute can turn in a range of 300 degrees, which enables the material to be spread to both the left and right side. Loading operation can be done in an easy and safe manner from the tractor cabin or from the left side of the machine, from where the floor elevator also can be controlled. If the feed type or the material being loaded requires, the loader can be changed to a spear-lift very quickly. In difficult wearing conditions we can offer tungsten coated knifes as option.


ELHO CrossCut A:
  • Easy to use
  • Discharge chute turns 300 degrees 
  • Versatile machine with 2-speed gearbox
  • Minimal risk of overload (the supply rotor stops before the fly wheel)
  • Loading operation from the tractor cabin or from the side of the machine
  • The loader bucket can be changed to a spear-lift