V-Twin 950 Super

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The new ELHO V-Twin 950 Super swather with up to 9.5 m working width! 

Harvesters are becoming more effective and they now have the capacity to pick up swaths with more forage. ELHO has developed a new wide trailed swather: the V-Twin 950S with a hydraulically adjustable working width of 4.5–9.5 metres.

The new V-Twin 950S is equipped with the HydroBalance suspension to ensure that the machine follows the ground surface smoothly. It also features double rotors that lift the forage and mowe it in the air it to the centre. This results in top-quality forage. The swath width can be optimised based on the harvester.

The standard V-Twin 950S model can also shift the swather to the right side or to the left side of the tractor. This is useful especially if the space between the swaths is small and you want to avoid driving on the swaths. Another standard option is to use only one of the rotors for swathing.

The adjustable working width of 4.5-9.5 metres makes the V-Twin an ideal machine for irregular sections as well. The size of the forage harvester or the harvesting method does not matter. The construction of the rotors of the V-Twin is such that a clean and fluffy swath that is easy to pick up is always created. Thanks to the multi-tined rotors, the risk of clogging up the harvester/baler is small.

The V-Twin 950 S can be easily prepared for transport – you don’t even have to leave the cabin. The machine has a narrow  transport position.