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Increased productivity with the ELHO Twin 4600 front-mounted swather with an angled rotor.


The ELHO Twin 4600 is equipped with all the familiar benefits of other ELHO Twin models: it lifts and moves the forage or straw in the air so there is no need to ever drive over the forage. The need to drive in the fields drops by half and there is also less driving necessary directly over forage.

By combining the swaths for a forage harvester/baler, harvesting time is saved the work is more efficient. The Twin 4600 is also excellent for turning and combining straw swaths. When using the Twin 4600 as a “regular” swather, two or three swaths or widespread can be combined effectively.

The fully hydraulic-driven Twin 4600 requires oil only 25 l/min. The standard Twin 4600 can be mounted to a front lift or a front loader (Euro II).


The ELHO Twin 4600 swather speeds up forage harvesting!
  • ELHO Twin 4600:
  • Lifts the forage > forage stays clean
  • Can be mounted to a front lift or a front loader
  • Hydraulic > does not require a power  transmission shaft
  • Can combine two or three swaths and turn the 
  •  Swaths upside down for drying, or widespread
  •  Does not pick up stones