• ELHO TR220 in straw 3
  • ELHO TR220 in straw 4
  • ELHO TR220 swathing in straw 2
Rapid drying is very important when producing top-quality forage.


The ELHO TR 220/300 machines can be used to turn, spread and move swath, as well as combine them. The ELHO TR features a rotor with a large diameter and double tines that are secured with wires. If they break, they will not end up in the chopper rotor of the harvester. The TR tedder’s large diameter rotor results in , a fluffy and clean swath that dries quickly. The TR tedders are perfect for the swathing, turning, moving and spreading of silage, dry hay and straw.

ELHO’s TR 220 can be equipped with a SideFlow horizontal side conveyor, which enables both tedding and combining swaths. The SideFlow horizontal elevator has a self-centralizing belt with great throwing power.


More than 15,000 satisfied TR users can’t be wrong!  TR tedders/swathers have secured a firm place in the world of forage harvesting!


ELHO TR swathers/tedders:
  • The rotor lifts the forage > the forage stays clean
  • Large rotor, large capacity
  • Fluffs, swaths, spreads and moves
  • Evenly distributed and quickly drying swath without rocks
  • The TR 220 can be retrofitted with a SideFlow conveyor