Sidechopper TPM 520 PRO

  • ELHO SideChopper TPM 520 Pro 120
  • ELHO SideChopper TPM 520 Pro 30
  • ELHO SideChopper TPM 520 Pro 5

When ultimate reach is required, SideChopper TPM 520 Pro power arm is an excellent choice

 The ELHO SideChopper TPM 520 Pro power arms are developed for full-time work and are a natural choice for contractors and other demanding users that require reach. These power arms have extensive reach: they reach over railings and plough markers, cut six meters vertical and reach down to the water level, even in deep and wide ditches. 

The power transmission for the SideChopper TPM Pro power arms is fully mechanical with high-powered V-belts and a gear box. The cutting unit can be used in all positions and angles, even upside-down above the cabin. Horizontal and vertical movements are adjusted hydraulically. The PTO shaft is equipped with an over running clutch. 


ELHO SideChopper TPM power arm
  • Extensive reach
  • Choose the cutting unit according to your needs
  • Flexible: can be used in any position
  • Effective mechanical power transmission
  • Low operating costs