SideChopper 420 Pro

  • ELHO SideChopper 420 Pro 1
  • ELHO SideChopper 420 Pro 6
  • ELHO SideChopper 420 Pro 7

Effective mulcher for professional bush, shrub and brushwood clearances, roadside mowing, managing fallow land and pastures, and forest roadside mowing.


The ELHO SideChopper 420 Pro are reliable, durable and excellent machines for professional use. Their reach is up to 4.2 metres from the tractor centreline. 

The SideChopper Pro mulchers are designed for the demanding conditions of Finland, and thanks to their proven durability, their export volume keeps increasing year after year. The SideChopper mulchers clear even thick thickets. The durable 1.3 kg hammer knives featuring 20 mm bolts come standard. Alternatively, highly efficient YI knife sets for mowing grass, fallow land and shrubbery are available.


 ELHO SideChopper 420 Pro
  • Extensive reach: 4.2
  • Designed in finland for rocky environments
  • Hydraulic release comes standard
  • Durable cutting unit and side shift
  • Large rotor and durable hammer knives with bolt diameter of 20 mm