Arrow NM 9000 Delta Roller / Arrow NM 9000 Delta Roller SIDEFLOW

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ELHO’s butterfly mower conditioner Arrow NM 9000 Delta Roller is state of the art but does not require a large tractor; a medium-sized tractor will certainly suffice.


The Delta Roller is the perfect roller mower conditioner for contractors and large farms. This powerful machine has optimal weight distribution, excellent usability, HydroBalance suspension system and HydroActive release system. The machine is operated with the tractor’s own control equipment.

The machine’s profiled polyurethane rollers do not break sensitive or leafy forage plants when mowing The forage goes between the rollers and press the stalks and leafs, this gives the fastest drying of a roller swath.

SideFlow swath combiner is a new efficient auger-type swath combiner. Also with the SideFlow the swath width can be adjusted. Automatic overload protection and widespread possibility as standard. The SideFlow gives the mower conditioner more use options, which is an advantage especially for contractors.


The ELHO:n NM 9000 Delta Roller makes even large areas seem small.


ELHO Arrow NM 9000 Delta:
  • Low and even weight distribution.                          
  • Low power requirement; can be used with a relatively small tractor
  • High capacity
  • HydroActive release and HydroBalance suspension
  • Quick transfer between transport position and work position