Combine an Arrow NK 9000 Delta double disc mower and an Arrow NK 3300 front-mounted disc mower into one wide, efficient, durable and affordable disc mower unit!


    ELHO’s double disc mower Arrow NK 9000 Delta is state of the art, but does not require a large tractor; a medium-sized tractor will certainly be sufficient.

     Arrow NK 9000 Delta is the perfect disc mower for contractors and large farms. This powerful machine has optimal weight distribution, excellent usability, the HydroBalance suspension system and the HydroActive release system. The HydroBalance suspension reacts quickly and ensures that the forage stays clean. It also enables a swift driving speed. The HydroActive release system activates automatically: if the cutting unit collides with something, the unit lifts backwards and up. Once the machine has passes the obstacle, the cutting unit goes back to the normal working position. This saves time, money and effort.

    The Arrow NK 9000 Delta/Arrow NK 3300 Front combination is operated with the tractor’s own control equipment.


    ELHO Arrow NK 9000 Delta
    • High capacity, 9 m working width
    • Low power requirement, can be used with a relatively small tractor
    • HydroBalance automatic suspension
    • HydroActive release