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ELHO’s Arrow NK 10500 Delta is state of the art!


The ELHO Arrow NK 10500 Delta double disc mower features all the top features of the Arrow 10500 Delta mower conditioner and more! The NK 10500 can be used as a standard butterfly disc mower and also on a tractor with reverse drive (rear mounting frame and front mounting frame available as additional equipment). 

The ELHO disc mowers have the same sturdy cutter bars and cutting discs as mower conditioners. It ensures good cutting performance and durability and top-quality forage!

The NK 10500 Delta disc mower is equipped with the same easy-to-use ELHO Opus controller and software, and has the same operating functions as the NM 10500 Delta mower conditioner. 

Mowing made easy!

The ELHO Opus control unit ensures comfort of the highest class! After the easy set-up, you only need to operate some buttons during mowing, For ex.: press a button to go to or from transport mode, or press a button and the left, right, both or all mower units rise.

The machine also features automatic curve compensation with GPS. At the headland you push a button to lift the front unit up or to lower it down -the rear mower units goes up or down automatically at the same spot, this is also GPS controlled. This makes the 10500 Delta very easy to drive. Critical components as the gearboxes has also an alarm system and will alert the driver if the temperature rises.

The Arrow NK 10500 is also equipped with the AutoBalance automatic suspension system. The AutoBalance system adjusts the suspension automatically according to the mowing conditions, sensors constantly monitor the height of the mower units and automatically make adjustments if needed. The wide 10500 is really very easy to drive!


ELHO Arrow NK 10500 Delta
  • Very large working width with a 1.1 m width adjustment range
  • AutoBalance automatic suspension system
  • HydroActive release
  • ACC Automatic Curve Compensation, fully automatic by GPS
  • HA Headland Automatics, automatic by GPS
  • MC Maintenance Control