Arrow NM 10500 Delta / Arrow NM 10500 Delta SIDEFLOW

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  • ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta 22
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  • ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta SideFlow 12
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The wide ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta butterfly mower conditioner can cover large areas and provides driving comfort without compromising the forage quality.


An ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta mower conditioner together with an Arrow 3700 Front mower conditioner is an unbeatable combination. The machine has adjustable working width from 9.4 m to 10.5 m. When covering large areas, mowing must be easy, accurate and efficient. The driver should only focus on driving, rather than on pulling levers and pushing buttons. ELHO has the perfect solution! 

ELHO’s Opus control system is easy to use and to adjust according to your own taste. For example, when driving in curves, the Opus controller alongside the GPS ensures that the left or right mower unit is drawn in depending on which way the curve bends and then pushes the unit back out once the curve is passed. On headlands, the front mower conditioner is lifted up or down with the push of a button and the GPS ensures that the rear mower units are lifted up or down at the same spot.

The Arrow NM 10500 Delta has the automatic AutoBalance suspension system, which adjusts the suspension automatically according to the mowing conditions. The 10500 Delta  has also the HydroActive release – if hitting an obstacle, the unit moves backwards and upwards, then automatically returns when the obstacle is passed.

The ELHO Opus control system also monitors the temperature of critical components and triggers an alert if the temperature of components starts rising. All functions can be controlled from the cabin with the easy-to-use ELHO Opus control unit. The system takes care of most of the job -but not the driving!

For contractors and larger farms that need more mowing power, the ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta is the perfect choice. Choose the 10500 Delta – you won’t regret it!

SideFlow swath combiner is a new efficient auger-type swath combiner. The SideFlow features adjustable swath width, automatic overload protection and widespread capability. The SideFlow provides the mower conditioner with more use options, which is an advantage especially for contractors.


ELHO Arrow NM 10500 Delta:
  • Very large working width with a 1.1 m width adjustment range
  • AutoBalance automatic suspension system
  • HydroActive release
  • ACC Automatic Curve Compensation, fully automatic by GPS
  • HA Headland Automatics, automatic by GPS
  • MC Maintenance Control
  • Conditioning rotor, round forged steel fingers, adjustable counter bar