Sideliner 1650 M / Sideliner 1680 A

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The ELHO Sideliner 1680 A – an automatic wrapper for large diameter round bales!

Fully automatic wrapping from loading to offloading the bale. Trailed behind a tractor or as a combination with a baler.


With Sideliner 1680 A it is possible to wrap bales with a diameter up to 1.7 metres thanks to the dual tube structure of the double wrapping arm support and the lifting capacity of up to 1,600 kg.

The robust loading arms are designed to centre the bale to the middle of the wrapping table. The machine is equipped with a low frame and tandem wheels to ensure a smooth drive also on uneven fields.

The machine has two 750 mm film pre-stretchers and equipped with film brake sensors. The automatic film brake sensors compensate the number of layers if the film brakes or runs out on one pre-stretcher by supplying the required amount of film from the other pre-stretcher. To make driving on the roads and the work more enjoyable, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic draw bar, mudguards and road lights. To make collecting wrapped bales easier, a bale turning ramp can be mounted as additional equipment. A drop mat is also available as additional equipment.


A mounting set is available as additional equipment to connect the wrapper to a round baler.