Sideliner 1520 M / Sideliner 1520 A

  • ELHO Sideliner 1520 001
  • ELHO Sideliner 1520 006
  • Sideliner 1520 2
  • Sideliner 1520 32
  • Sideliner 1520 Automat 1

Easy-to-use, choose between automatic or manual bale wrapper. 


Available in cable-controlled and automatic models

The wrapping table provides low clearance for loading, wrapping and offloading. These robust machines have already been popular for decades.

The loading fork automatically lifts the bale to the centre of the wrapping table. The weight is distributed on both wheels and the tractor. The sturdy wrapping table is equipped with three chain-driven support rollers and is mounted directly to the frame. Four end-support rolls keep the bale in place at its sides. The low drop height of the bale reduces bale strain and a sturdy drop mat reduces the risk of damage to wrapped bales, especially on rough ground. The standard Sideliner 1520 models feature a single wrapping arm. The Sideliner 1520 M is a cable-controlled wrapper equipped with a revolution and bale counter.

Due to the hydraulic synchronising in the automatic Sideliner 1520 A model, the overlapping mechanism stays even and film is applied tightly around the bale, ensuring top-quality forage. The Sideliner 1520 A load, wrap and cut automatically.

Additional equipment for the 1520 wrappers is a second wrapping arm, which make its operation even faster.


ELHO has already manufactured thousands of Sideliner 1520 bale wrappers and the success story continues.


ELHO Sideliner 1520              
  • Easy to use
  • Low centre of gravity and low drop height    
  • Also suitable for smaller tractors
  • Reliable bale rotation; all rollers on the wrapping table are driven
  • Available with one or two wrapping arms as an option
  • Bale rotator as standard