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Smooth baling and wrapping with the efficient and cost-effective Inliner 1820


The Inliner 1820 is an fully automatic wrapper that is connected directly to the baler.  

Using the Inliner baler-wrapper combination machine saves time and money, as the job requires only one machine operator and one tractor. 

The life cycle of wrappers is typically longer than that of balers. So why should you discard your perfectly functioning wrapper once the baler has reached the end of its service life? You’ll get more return on your investment if you only replace the baler and connect your Inliner to the new baler. The new combination will then serve you for years to come!

Additionally, smaller, separate fields can be harvested economically with the Inliner/baler combination .

When a bale is ejected from the baler, the frame of the Inliner tilts down for loading, which nearly eliminates any additional strain on the baler. The pivoting point of the Inliner is in the middle of the baler, which makes the wrapper to follow the baler closely, even on sharp turns.

The Inliner 1820 is connected directly to the baler frame with a mounting set. Thanks to its connection system, the Inliner can be quickly connected and disconnected if necessary. 

The Inliner’s wrap cycle is short as it is equipped with two 750 mm film pre-stretchers. The film cutter collects the film into a “cord”, ensuring a firm grip of the film for the next bale.

The fully automatic ELHO Inliner is controlled from a monitor in the cabin with the help of magnetic sensors and proportional valves. When working the driver only needs to choose where to offload the wrapped bale.


Turn your perfectly operating baler into a baler-wrapper combination with the help of the Inliner! Savings: time – money – effort


A reliable piece of equipment, the ELHO Inliner 1820:
  • Features constant wrapping speed monitoring
  • Is equipped with positional sensors on the wrapping arms to ensure that the plastic is cut at the right time and that the wrapping arms are positioned correctly both when loading and offloading a bale
  • Contains film brake sensors to ensure that when one roll of film runs out of film or the film brakes, the wrapper automatically increase the wrapping to ensure that the required amount of film is wrapped around the bale from the other pre-stretcher.
  • All functions are controlled from cabin