Softliner 1501 M

  • Softliner 1500 A bak 13
  • Softliner 1500 A bak 15
  • Softliner 1500 A bak 2
  • Softliner 1500 A bak 6
  • Softliner 1500 A bak 9

Effective mounted bale wrappers for wrapping round bales.


ELHO’s top quality Softliner range offers several options with cable or automatic control and equipped with either one or two wrapping arms. The Softliner 1501M is designed for wrapping bales with a diameter of 1.1-1.4 metres. 

All Softliner models can be mounted either to the front or to the back of a tractor. Bales are loaded from the back of the machine by reversing or driving the tractor up to the bale. Loading is particularly simple when the Softliner is mounted to a front lift as this ensures good visibility.  With front mounting, baling and wrapping can be carried out in smaller fields quickly as the machine does not need to be changed between tasks. This saves time and increases productivity.

All rollers on the loading table are driven and therefore the bale rotates well. The hydraulic synchronisation of the wrapping arm and wrapping table ensures even overlapping and airtight bales regardless of wrapping speed.                                                   

The cable-controlled M models’ control unit is equipped with a bale and a revolution counter. 


ELHO Softliner range        

  • Available with one or two wrapping arms as an option
  • Easy to use
  • Safe offloading in hilly conditions