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When speed and accuracy are important... The ELHO Fastliner 1500 is superfast! 


The Fastliner can wrap six layers of plastic around a bale with a diameter of 1.2 metres in approximately 35 seconds from loading to offloading.

The ELHO Fastliner 1500 is a robust mounted bale wrapper. In work mode, the machine is partly trailed on the right side of the tractor supported by its outer wheel and three-point mounting connection. The bale is lifted on the wrapping table beside the tractor’s right rear wheel, which makes the machine easy to control and use.                                                                                    

The Fastliner is equipped with the ELHO HydroBalance suspension system, which also transfers the weight of the machine to the three-point mounting connection. This ensures smooth and accurate manoeuvring in the field and makes the machine more agile. For transport, the machine is positioned behind the tractor. 


The wrap cycle is fully automatic from load to unload.  

The ELHO Opus control unit enables high-speed wrapping – up to 60 bales per hour, depending on the bales’ positioning.

The machine is equipped with two 750 mm plastic film stretchers with film brake sensors. If one roll of plastic runs out, the automatic film brake sensors compensate the film application by supplying the required amount from the other stretcher.

The robust load arms are designed to centre the bale in the middle of the wrapping table. The load arms come standard with one cylinder with a lifting capacity of 1,200 kg.

The wrapping table has three large rollers whose synchronised rolling ensures smooth bale rotation. The bale is supported sideways by four support rollers during the wrapping process.

The Fastliner’s hydraulic system has a valve block that can utilise both the LS and the Open Center systems.

Using the bale turning ramp, available as additional equipment, makes collecting the bales easier.

Speed up your wrapping process and get the ELHO Fastliner now!


ELHO Fastliner 1500

  • Extremely fast wrap cycle  
  • Fully automatic, easy to use monitor
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Easy to control: the machine is positioned beside the right rear tractor tyre