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A baler-wrapper combination with all the important features built in!


The Onliner Pro features a wide pickup head, precise cutting, even material supply to the chamber, effective compacting and fast, reliable wrapping.

This combination machine has a new modern hydraulics system with a Sauer Danfoss PVG 32/16 valve block. The hydraulic control system (ELHO/Wachendorff) is also new.

The Onliner Pro’s large spherical bearings in casted bearing housings are very durable. The bearings can be lubricated manually from the control unit or automatically based on the number of bales wrapped, e.g., after every 50 bales. The grade of the strong roller chain is 20B and the input rotor double chain is grade 16B2. All the chains have constant lubrication.

The rollers inside of the baler chamber are sturdy and individually designed to withhold the load directed on them, depending on their position in the chamber. At the bottom of the chamber are two rollers that handles the grass stream into the chamber and helps the bale to rotate inside the chamber. On both sides inside the hatch there are “ejectors” that ensures that the bale leave the chamber when it is opened and do not block it.

The Onliner Pro  features the ELHO Opus control system. The Opus system enables controlling the pickup, bale size, number of cutting knives in use (12, 13 or 25 pcs), lubrication, net wrapping, drop floor, etc. and of course, the wrapping.

The wrapping table, the double wrapping satellite and the loading fork are equipped with 359-degree angle sensors that continuously provide the control system with data about their position. This ensures fast and accurate loading and wrapping as the control system is always aware of what is happening.   

The satellite wrapper with two pre-stretchers ensures a very fast wrapping. The machine also has automatic film brake sensors that automatically compensate for lost film layers if on one of the films brakes or the roll runs out by applying the set amount of film layers from the other stretcher. 

The large and wide tyres (710/50-26,5 with mudguards) of the Online Pro carries the load well and ensure steady movement on the fields.