Bale wrappers

Onliner Pro

At ELHO we know round bale wrappers – we have manufactured round bale wrappers already for decades.


We manufacture manually controlled, semi-automatic and fully-automatic/computer-controlled bale wrappers, both mounted and trailed models, for round bales of all sizes. The demand for automatic bale wrappers increases year by year, and we can provide the many types of automatic round bale wrappers. Computer technology enables us to make the wrappers and the wrapping technic more reliable, faster wrapping and easier to adjust and control the wrapping. This also makes the driver’s work easier and allow them to focus on driving. Faster wrap cycles also means more bales wrapped per hour and per day. This in turn increases productivity! Choose an ELHO wrapper, and you can be sure that you have invested in a reliable, high-quality, modern and durable machine. To ensure that you will have access to the best possible after-sales support, we also yearly arrange training for our importers staff as well as their retailers staff. You can always count on ELHO’s support – we are near you wherever you are in the world.