Bale wrappers

ELHO manufactures manually-controlled, semi-automatic and fully automatic bale wrappers, both mounted and trailed models, for different types of round bales. ELHO's product range also includes a combined baler/wrapper with an excellent price-quality ratio. Some of the wrappers can be equipped with a bale marker. 


ELHO Tube 2020 ACIELHO Tube 2020 ACI
Designed for quick and safe wrapping of heavy silage bales. Tube wrapping saves over 50% of plastic expenses and the machine will pay for itself in no time.

Trailed bale wrappers

ELHO Sideliner 1520 AELHO Sideliner 1520 A
A semi-automatic wrapper equipped with a quick joystick. Bales are lifted onto the wrapping table and wrapped bales are moved using the joystick; wrapping and cutting are fully automatic.

ELHO Sideliner 1520 MELHO Sideliner 1520 M
A low-priced and reliable cable-controlled bale wrapper. Thousands of happy customers all over the world.

ELHO Sideliner 1650 AELHO Sideliner 1650 A
This fully automatic machine recognises a bale on the field, lifts it on to the wrapping table, wraps the bale and either drops it or leaves it on the table according to the driver's choosing. The machine wraps round bales with a width of up to 1.6 m.

ELHO Sideliner 1680 AELHO Sideliner 1680 A
A trailed full automatic bale wrapper for large bales.

ELHO Silomatic 1010ELHO Silomatic 1010
This is the most popular ELHO round bale wrapper model. It is durable, low-priced and has value even when being exchanged – used 1010s are also sought after.

Mounted bale wrappers

ELHO Fastliner 1500ELHO Fastliner 1500
Linkage full automatic inline bale wrapper

ELHO Proliner 1500ELHO Proliner 1500
Nopea – nopeampi – NOPEIN!

ELHO Softliner-rangeELHO Softliner-range
ELHO's high-quality Softliner range consists of three model series. The Softliner 1000 model wraps bales with a maximum diameter of 1.1 m. The Softliner 1400 and 1500 models wrap bales with a maximum diameter of 1.4 m either using a cable controller or automatically.

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