• Arrow NK 3300 Front 05
  • Arrow NK 3300 Front 06
  • ELHO Arrow NK 3300 Front 8
  • ELHO Arrow NK 3300 Front 99

The ELHO front-mounted disc mowers feature the same durable cutter bar and structure as ELHO’s mower conditioners and provide excellent mowing results.


The disc mowers also provide a low-priced yet powerful option for mowing. The two Arrow-range models, the NK 3200 Front, fit a tractor’s front lift device.  The latter model is also recommended to complement the Arrow NK 9000 Delta and NK 10500 Delta models. The standard NK Front models come with the HydroBalance and the CPS suspension system, which guarantee top-quality forage and smooth cutting-head movement. 

Additional equipment also includes the HydroBalance top link, which makes the front-mounted mower even more flexible.

The ELHO front-mounted mowers and mower conditioners are also suitable for reverse-drive tractors. The required modifications are made at the factory.