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  • ELHO Duett 7300 0037

Owner of a reverse-drive tractor: utilise the properties of a self-propelled harvester in your tractor-mower conditioner combination!


The ELHO Duett 7300 mower conditioner is perfect for large fields and is designed solely for tractors with reverse-drive equipment. The reverse drive tractor and machine combination offers excellent driving, control and visibility. As the combo allows the rear wheels to turn, it is very agile and has high capacity. What’s more, you don’t have to drive on the forage. 

The mower unit consists of two cutter bars (2 x 3.7 m) that are automatically connected when the cutting units are lowered. The cutter bars form one 7.3 m-wide cutting unit that doesn’t leave strips of uncut grass, even in sharp bends. 

The cutting units have HydroBalance suspension, which allows them to gently follow the surface of the field while forming high swaths that dry quickly on either side of the tractor. The swaths are perfect for round balers. The HydroBalance suspension system allows for a high driving speed while still ensuring that the forage stays clean. 

The transition from work mode to transport mode and vice versa is quick because the wings only need to be lifted or lowered, and the driver doesn’t have to exit the cabin. 


ELHO Duett 7300:
  • Ergonomic driving position saves you from back and neck pain
  • Best possible view over the area of operation
  • High capacity
  • Extremely agile
  • Does not require driving on the forage
  • The swaths are perfect for baling
  • Conditioning rotor, round forged steel fingers, adjustable counter bar