Swathers and tedders

Top quality forage is achieved when the mowing is carried out at the right time and the drying is fast enough in wide, fluffy swaths. If manure is spread on the growing grass, there is a risk of the silage becoming polluted from manure remains and microbes. When the swaths are not dragged across the soil, the risk of contamination is reduced significantly. The production of silage has many critical stages. This is why a lifting swather or tedder is the safest choice.

ELHO's famous rotor rake came on the market in 1975. Since then, over 15,000 of them have been manufactured for satisfied customers. Success has continued in the 21st century with the swathers with angled rotors. ELHO Twin swathers lift the forage and move it in the air to keep the forage first class.


Swathers and tedders

Versatile TR rotor rakes/swathers are suitable for many uses including making silage and hay as well as swathing straw. TR 220 can be equipped with a side conveyor afterwards.

The ELHO TR 300 tedder is equipped with a large, six-bar and double-tined rotor which lifts the forage into the chamber. Correctly shaped swaths are formed with the large standard swathing plates.

ELHO Twin 4600ELHO Twin 4600
This swather with an angled rotor attached to the front of the tractor is the newest arrival to the Twin family. It moves the swath from the front of the tractor to the right side, speeding up the work when driving e.g. a forage harvester.

ELHO V-Twin 600ELHO V-Twin 600
The V-Twin 600 combines two swaths to fully utilise the power of the baler behind the tractor or the combined baler/wrapper. Capacity is increased and work can be carried out faster and feul is saved.

ELHO V-Twin 750 / V-Twin 750 SuperELHO V-Twin 750 / V-Twin 750 Super
The ELHO V-Twin 750 does not drag the forage along the ground; it throws the forage diagonally up and inside with repeated movements. No impurities or rocks end up in the swath and the forage stays top quality.

ELHO V-Twin 950 SuperELHO V-Twin 950 Super
With the ELHO V-Twin 950 you get clean fodder in to one swath from up to 9,5 meters

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