ELHO SideChopper Tornado 440

A chain mulcher for ruff forest roads and field edges and designed for hard professional use.

ELHO has vast experience in manufacturing mulchers. The SideChoppers have been first choice for demanding farmers and contractors for years.

ELHO's extensive range now also includes chain mulchers. They are especially suited for stony areas and where the length of the chopped material is not so relevant.

The side shift construction of the Tornado 440 moves the up to 1.8 m sideways. The frame construction is familiar from the SideChopper Pro range. The strong and durable structure offers the Tornado 440 a reach of up to 4.4 m from the centre line of the tractor.

The chains are hardened and their material thickness is 13 mm. One big advantage with a chain mulcher is that it is not so sensitive among stones.

The 1.6 meter wide cutter head cuts very well. The smooth cutter head is equipped with PTO shafts and a solid angle gear box. It has a solid build and stays very clean inside. The PTO shaft has a friction clutch as overload protection. Thanks to the long frame, visibility from the tractor is good.

As standard the Tornado 440 is delivered with an hydraulic safety device. When hitting an obstacle the cutting head moves backwards and up. It goes forward automatically when the obstacle is gone. No need to get out of the tractors cabin. Could it be easier?

The Tornado 440 is designed together with contractors who drives thousands of kilometers of road and forrest roadsides per summer. And it is also manufactured in Finland.

Bushes, shrubbery or overgrown grass - the Tornado 440 takes care of the problem.

Technical specifications

Working width 160 cm
Maximum reach (from the centre line of the tractor) 440 cm
Hydraulic side shift 180 cm
Chains 2 as standard, hardened, link Ø 13 mm
Mulcher tilt 90 degrees up, 40 degrees down
Release system hydraulic safety device as standard
Power transmission safety friction clutch
Front guard chain curtain
Rear guard fibre-enforced rubber
Weight 800 kg

Additional equipment

No additonal equipment needed -all is standard on the Tornado 440!

Technical specifications are given without obligation and may be amended without prior notice. Rights to structural changes are reserved. The price list valid at the time of sale is referred to regarding prices and equipment. Contact your local retailer for more information.