Elho's bale choppers ease feeding and save many work stages. The forage can be distributed straight on the forage table (left or right) or blown up to 15 metres away.

ELHO RotorCutter / CrossCut

CrossCut shredder/feeder/bedderCrossCut shredder/feeder/bedder
When designing and constructing the CrossCut shredder/feeder the following criteria has been specifically highly ranked, -it must be durable and well working, easy to use, have low maintenance and safe operation.

ELHO RC 1500 RotorCutterELHO RC 1500 RotorCutter
The Rotor Cutter makes the use of silage round bales efficient as forage can be distributed on the feeding table and the work can be easily carried out with one tractor.

ELHO RC 1800 RotorCutterELHO RC 1800 RotorCutter
Enables efficient distribution of silage, hay and straw bales. The silage bales can be distributed on the feeding table or blown into boxes.

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