Oy El-ho Ab

ELHO (El-ho) is a Finnish family-owned business founded in 1968. The company specialises in the manufacture of quality work and contracting machinery for agriculture. The machines have to be durable, high-quality and user friendly. ELHO wants to offer its customers the best quality and that is why its machines have many progressive features that make them especially durable.

ELHO's machines have been very successful in international comparison tests. ELHO is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality machines and most of these machines are currently being exported to over 30 countries around the world.

Farm productivity begins with successful arable farming, which is complemented by a functional, efficient machinery chain from the field to feeding. ELHO is a part of the chain from start to finish; its product groups offer a suitable machine for every need.

In addition to the technical advantages of its machinery, ELHO invests in flexible, first class customer service with the aim of cultivating long-term and confidential customer relationships.