Warranty: General practice

The warranty policy is included in the manual delivered with the machine. The machine must be registered within 10 days of purchase. The sales organisation takes care of the registration in connection with the delivery inspection.

1. If a fault appears during the warranty period, immediately contact the dealer which sold the machine. Remember to mention the name plate data: type, serial number, production number.

2. The fault is inspected on site and documented by the dealer or importer depending on the seriousness of the damage. If the dealer/importer deems the damage to be covered by the warranty, a warranty application is sent to ELHO. The sales organisation/importer can also decide independently whether the damage is covered by the warranty and contact ELHO. This depends on the system used by the sales organisation/importer.

Machine quality and functionality are very important things for ELHO. A warranty application must thus be processed with care and as quickly as possible. This is expected of all our partners in all sales areas.

ELHO strives to improve machine quality and functionality.