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ELHO HNM 280 Hydro HNM 320P HB Side Flow NM 280 HBR Strängläggare Rundballenwickler TR 220 Side Flow NM 240H Roller Lannoitteenlevitin Rundballenverteiler HNM 280P Roller Disk Mower NK 200 VM 200 Optional equipment Schwadleger Mower Conditioner Onliner Kesanto HNM 280P HB ProFlow 4000i HNM 240P Roller Round Bale Wrapper Seosrehuvaunu NM 280H Gödselspridare DualMixer 13 m³ Ensilageutjämnare Räfsa Futtermischwagen DC 1700T Bogserad
Pyöröpaalisilppuri NM 320 HBR HNM 320C HB Dubbelhack NM 370F Enrubanneuse pour balles rondes HP 12 SuperLuoko 1700S HNM M-1000 Pneumaattinen Fertilizer HNM 320P Roller HB NM 240 NM 320F Slåttermaskin Multipurpose mulcher NM 200 Silppuri NM 320F Roller HNM 320P Roller TPM 200 M-800 Pneumaattinen DualMixer 18 m³ NM 750 Delta Andaineur central Tube 2020 Wide Pumppuhapotin VM 200 HNM 320C HB Side Flow Levitinkela
ProFlow 6000i Softliner RF 1000/1002 A Softliner 1500A Häcksler V-Twin 750 TR 220 Double Chopper HNM 370C Roller HB Niittokone Sideliner 1520 280C HB Pyöröpaalin käärintälaite NK 240 Silo-Matic AC/ACI Controller Mähwerke NM 240H HNM 320P HB Blandarvagn HNM 320C Roller HB Inliner 1820 HNM 370C HB Side Flow II Baleshredder LK 215 VM 240 NM 320 HB RotoCutter 1800 Niittomurskain Sideliner 1620 EcoFlow 18 NM 800 Delta
NK 280 TR 300 NM 200H Slåtterkross Syrapump Râteau DC 1700T Hinattava VM 240 Optional equipment Kaksoissilppuri Slagslåtter Rake HNM 320C Roller HB Side Flow II EcoFlow 4P Softliner 1400A Rundbalsrivare Vesakkomurskain HNM 320C Roller HB Side Flow M-800 Pneumatisk HNM 320C HB Side Flow II M-800 Pneumatic Master Tedder Softliner 1500M Softliner 1400M V-Twin 700 HP 20 M-1000 Pneumatisk NM 200H Roller EcoFlow 8 RotoCutter 1500 Haravapöyhin
NK 750 Delta NM 280F Roller M-1000 Pneumatic HNM 320P Roller HB Side Flow HNM 370C HB Sideliner 1620 Automat Mixerwagon NM 280F Silo-Matic 1010/1110 1210/1410 Puomimurskain Rundbals inplastare Murskain Harava

ELHO is a diversified manufacturing firm producing a wide range of sophisticated machinery for the agricultural industry. As well as winning awards for best in show and innovation prizes, we are committed to producing quality products at affordable prices, specializing in innovation through our policy of continuous research and development.


Finnish knowledge and constant awareness of the requirements needed of agricultural machinery and our high level of innovations and flexibility has made ELHO into a large exporter. Today approximately two third's of the production is exported abroad, culminating in exporting to 30 countries. This is increasing all the time, meeting new challenges and individualizing with enthusiasm.

The line of innovations contingnues and new machines for season 2011 - 2012 are: ELHO Duett 7300, a wide mower conditioner for tractors with reverse drive ao. Read more, look at videos and pictures and brochures from these pages.



The productivity of farming starts with good field husbandry,  which is completed by a functional and effective machine chain from the field to feeding. ELHO's machinery is designed to assist you through these stages with ease, saving time and cost effectiveness.






Essential keys are:

Harvesting (Mowers, Swathers and Tedders)

Bale wrapping (manual or fully automatic wrappers and combinations)

Feeding (Mixers, Shredders. additive pumps, bale grabbers)

Others (Hedge trimmers, Forage harvesters, Fertilizer spreaders)


Mower conditioners and round bale wrappers have an essential position in the harvesting chain. These machines make up ELHO's largest product groups.



pub Inliner 1820 M-1000 Pneumaattinen Niittomurskain NK 240 Fertilizer NM 320 HB Schwadleger NM 370F Tube 2020 Wide Strängläggare Rundballenwickler Blandarvagn Onliner Softliner 1400A Ensilageutjämnare NM 200H Roller HNM Rundbalsrivare HNM 240P Roller DualMixer 18 m³ HNM 320C Roller HB Multipurpose mulcher Mower Conditioner HNM 370C Roller HB VM 200 NK 280 Räfsa Silo-Matic 1010/1110 1210/1410 Pyöröpaalin käärintälaite
Dubbelhack SuperLuoko 1700S HNM 320P HB HNM 280 Hydro Levitinkela VM 240 Optional equipment Silppuri M-1000 Pneumatic NM 320F HNM 370C HB Side Flow II Haravapöyhin NK 200 Softliner RF 1000/1002 A Rundbals inplastare Baleshredder HNM 320C Roller HB Side Flow RotoCutter 1800 HNM 320P Roller HB Disk Mower HNM 280P HB HNM 320P Roller HB Side Flow Rundballenverteiler HNM 320C Roller HB Side Flow II Râteau NM 800 Delta 280C HB Puomimurskain Murskain Sideliner 1620 Automat Kaksoissilppuri
TPM 200 Softliner 1500M NM 200 Rake Softliner 1500A HNM 320C HB Side Flow II Gödselspridare HP 20 NM 280F M-800 Pneumatisk NM 240H Mixerwagon NM 280F Roller TR 220 HNM 320C HB Side Flow HNM 320P HB Side Flow Pumppuhapotin EcoFlow 18 NM 200H Futtermischwagen Sideliner 1620 M-800 Pneumatic NM 280H Häcksler EcoFlow 8 NM 280 HBR DualMixer 13 m³ M-800 Pneumaattinen Slåtterkross VM 200 Optional equipment
VM 240 Silo-Matic AC/ACI Controller NM 240 Slagslåtter Master Tedder Syrapump Andaineur central Round Bale Wrapper Softliner 1400M Enrubanneuse pour balles rondes HNM 320C HB Double Chopper Kesanto Pyöröpaalisilppuri Harava TR 220 Side Flow HNM 280P Roller Lannoitteenlevitin Vesakkomurskain V-Twin 700 HNM 370C HB HP 12 DC 1700T Bogserad Sideliner 1520 Niittokone Mähwerke NM 320F Roller ProFlow 4000i NK 750 Delta LK 215
Seosrehuvaunu DC 1700T Hinattava EcoFlow 4P V-Twin 750 RotoCutter 1500 ProFlow 6000i TR 300 NM 750 Delta NM 240H Roller M-1000 Pneumatisk HNM 320P Roller Slåttermaskin NM 320 HBR
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